Simple Rooms Layout

The easiest method to feed all your room information from your iBex system is to enter a short snippet of code (see below).

[ includeme file="snippets/rooms.php" photoformat="ibexss" photowidth="35" ]
  • photoformat is 'ibexss' for slideshows from iBex or 'single' to display primary photo from iBex
  • set photowidth to the % of it's container block that you require - eg. 35 = 35%
  • remove spaces immediately inside opening and closing brackets - eg. [incl ... 35"]

The advantage of this method is that it's easy and you only need to update your room information in iBex.

The disadvantages are that if you have a large number of room types you cannot group them into a number of pages, you cannot inject additional information into each room type and styling of the block is limited. If you desire this level of functionality layout your room pages in the separated rooms format.


[includeme file="snippets/rooms.php" photoformat="ibexss" photowidth="35"]

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